Drawing the components around the child servers


Always align shapes to the grid. This helps you with aligning your shapes for a better layout.

In some cases it is not possible to directly align to the grid lines (e.g. elliptic shapes contained in other elliptic shapes or when you have to consider space). You can also use a 1/2 of the grid, but it is strongly advised to not use any smaller fractions, because you will loose control over the many different sizes used within a diagram.

Different snaps to the grid

The grid has a size of 4 mm. Visio will align to the grid by default (see Tools -> Snap & Glue... for a detailed configuration of the snapping). It will not only snap to the grid lines but also to a 1/2, 1/4, etc. of the grid, depending on the current zoom.

Draw the TCP/IP Communication Service (4.5 cells vertical) and align its width to the width of the structure variance below. You should use at least two cells distance between both.

The same with the Master Server to the left (4.5 cells horizontal). Align it at the top with the top of the TCP/IP Communication Service. At the bottom we will need some overhead for the read/write access of the Master Server to the passive storages on the right.



Expect sizes and alignment of shapes to change later. When you add other components of the diagram later, you'll definitely need different space or alignment, so you'll have to move or resize the shapes you have drawn earlier.

Finally add a storage to the right. It needs 6 cells width, because it will contain other storages. The exact size is unknown at this point, because this storage might get resized during the following steps. Coloring and naming will be done later.

The diagram after this step:

Diagram after step 4