Our main objective is the improvement of communication about software-intensive systems.


Efficient methods to exchange the knowledge about software-intensive systems are crucial. All participants must have a common understanding of the system as a whole in order to make, share, and evaluate design decisions. Specifying and visualizing the structures of the overall system will prove useful to this process. In any case three ingredients are essential:

Modeling with FMC

The Fundamental Modeling Concepts (FMC) primarily provide a framework for the comprehensive description of software-intensive systems. It is based on a precise terminology and supported by a graphical notation which can be easily understood.

Modeling we call the intellectual activity of creating a model of some system with the goal to capture its essential structures necessary to understand its (existing or planned) behaviour (internal and to its environment) and to describe these structures in a comprehensive way. Against that background, didactics take an important position in that approach.

Focus of our work

Our team works on the extension of the terminology and the application of FMC in different areas in the field of Software Engineering. Fields of activity are: