TAM Stencils


The TAM stencils for Visio 2002 and newer are a branch of the FMC stencils (Version 2.1.1) to create diagrams following the Technical Architecture Modeling Standard (TAM) defined by SAP. This stencil set only covers diagrams and elements of the conceptual level, including

The stencil set allows the creation of good-looking, visually balanced diagrams to be used in documents and presentations about conceptual architecture of systems. Especially the UML-related stencils cannot replace the UML stencils of Visio Professional.

The TAM stencils for Visio are part of the FMC-stencils sourceforge project on sourceforge

Screenshots of TAM-Visio Stencils (click to maximize):

Block Diagram  Example   Class Diagram Example   Activity Diagram Example   Sequence Diagram Example

Download TAM Stencils


Just unzip the files in a folder of your choice and enter this path in Visio (Menu Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> File Paths - for Templates and Stencils)