FMC Stencils


The FMC Stencils are templates and extensions to existing general purpose drawing applications like Visio or OpenOffice Drawing. This offers basic tool support for creating Fundamental Modeling Concpets (FMC) diagrams like Block diagrams, Petri nets and Entity-Relation diagrams (ERD).

The FMC Stencils for Visio 5 and OpenOffice are very basic. That's why the FMC Visio Stencils for Visio 2000 and newer are recommended as they offer the most features and get maintained. The development of the FMC Visio Stencils can also be followed at SourceForge. Logo

Screenshots of FMC-Visio Stencils (click to maximize):

Stencils Example  Consistency Checker Example  Petri net Simulator Example

Download FMC Stencils

If you encoutner a security warning in Visio 2003 please follow the following steps to install and trust the FMC-Certificate:

  1. Start Visio 2003 after having installed the Stencils
  2. Choose "Details" on the macro warning message in order to install and trust the certificate
  3. Choose "View certificate"
  4. Choose "Install certificate"
  5. Follow the instruction of the wizard
  6. Check if certificate to be trusted matches this one
  7. If they do match choose "Yes" to trust the certificate
  8. Close all certifiacte dialogs by choosing "Ok"
  9. Choose "Disable Macros" in the Visio 2003 macro warning
  10. Restart Visio 2003
  11. Check "Always trust macros from this publisher"
  12. Choose "Enable Macros"

The FMC-Visio Stencils were digitially signed with the following Certificate:

Subject: FMC Certificate
Issuer: Self Issued
Time Validity: 18. Mai 2004 through 1. January 2010
Serial Number: D392 B810 337C 30A6 41E7 C50D F171 A183
Thumbprint (sha1): 7CAB BB79 DBE9 CCC5 2882 85F3 C30B FD89 4DCA 5A86
Thumbprint (md5): C7E2 AE49 8ECF 95B9 07B3 1857 11DD 2B55

Known issues

There are some known problems with the FMC stencils when installing them on newer Windows/Visio Versions. Therefore we are currently working on a new FMC Visio Stencil version. As a first workaround we offer a stripped-down version of the stencils. It consists of the Visio templates and stencils of version 2.1.1, without any enhancements like the consistency checker or the simulation tool for Petri nets. To install just run this installer. It puts the templates and stencils into a folder you can choose during the installation. Afterwards you have 4 possibilities to work with the FMC Visio Stencils:

  1. Open the templates (*.vst) from your folder
  2. Open the templates directly in Visio (File → Open)
  3. Open the desired FMC Stencil (*.vss) in an existing drawing sheet in Visio (File → Shapes → Open Stencil)
  4. Move the stencils to the MyShapes folder of your existing Visio installation - if not installed in this location


Help for the FMC Visio stencils is included in the bundle for Visio 2000 or higher but is also available online. You can view the FMC stencils help here.

Support/Reporting Bugs

Please use the project website in case of bugs, feature requests and further information.

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