Non-physical fundamentals of information technology

Bibliographical Reference:

Siegfried Wendt
Nichtphysikalische Grundlagen der Informationstechnik
(Non-physical fundamentals of information technology)

2nd edition
497 pages, 255 figures.
Springer, 1991
ISBN: 3-540-54452-6


Following this book, information technology comprises the technology to store, transport and process information. In contrast to any other technology, which completely rests on recognizing the principles of physics, information technology needs an additional non-physical conceptual foundation.

The development of IT systems is based on the feasibility to formalize the structures of human communication and logical conclusions. The three chapters of the book examine these informational structures. The first chapter is concerned with the notion of information and its environment with an emphasis on language and logic. The notion of system and system modeling constitutes the subject of the second part. Finally, the third chapter integrates the two worlds to provide the conceptual foundation for informational systems with an focus on communication and programming.

By describing the fundamental concepts of information technology in general, this book is not specifically about FMC. In fact, the name FMC is not mentioned at all. However, the interested reader will easily recognize the principles that constitute the foundation for FMC.


Since the original publisher decided to remainder the book and to pass the copyright back to the author, you may freely download an electronic copy of the second edition (thanks to Siegfried Wendt). Please consider that this book is written in German.

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